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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Aaken's rating of the film 'Round Midnight

    A labor of love from a jazz lover. A dream coming to life during which we don't dare to make the slightest movement, for fear that it might vanish.

  2. Ebru Yörükoğlu's rating of the film 'Round Midnight

  3. HenriqueA's rating of the film 'Round Midnight

    Though I like jazz quite a bit and was enamored of Dexter Gordon playing on film, his "acting" varies from sublime to complicated to please-stop. It's a great picture, but I lost focus on it a few times and that distraction cost me a little.

  4. Julie Koh's rating of the film 'Round Midnight

    Brilliant film, especially if you like jazz. The character Dale Turner is based on Lester Young and Bud Powell, with the plot drawn mostly from the memoir "Dance of the Infidels: A Portrait of Bud Powell" by Bud's most ardent fan, Francis Paudras.

  5. Kaan Önem's rating of the film 'Round Midnight

    a classic for all jazz lovers.

  6. Linda Crisan's rating of the film 'Round Midnight

    Somebody better change that grainy still up there, to one that does a better job of conveying the beauty of this film.

  7. Matthew King's rating of the film 'Round Midnight

    To me this is the best film depicting what it means to live the life of a jazz artist. It didn't base the main character around stereotypes like Mo Better Blues, but instead gave us a fragile musician trying to hang on to his love of the music and dealing with the losses that have come with it.