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  1. petit astronaute's rating of the film Route One/USA

  2. mubianer's rating of the film Route One/USA

    4.5. The good things: Unique in many ways, a cinematic road not taken, great in-between moments of reflections just filming highways, back alleys, modern people and machines (loved the rusty boats among the palms in Miami), a historical document of 80's USA, great editing. The negatives: Would have worked better as episodes, maybe it could have been more focus on the fiction part (or skip it all together)

  3. grotesc's rating of the film Route One/USA

  4. El Biffo's rating of the film Route One/USA

    Robert Kramer had an incredible knack for capturing a very specific moment in history; by not merely observing people's stories and experiences but by merging with them. In ROUTE ONE, the Vietnam War (which had ended so abruptly in Kramer's MILESTONES, 1975) was not yet a distant memory as it is now. But the America of 1988 is still the "Old World", ages before 9/11, the internet, cellphones, and the Iraq/Afghanistan