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  1. Photo of Sacha Guitry

    Sacha Guitry Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean Marais

    Jean Marais Cast

  3. Photo of Jean-Pierre Aumont

    Jean-Pierre Aumont Cast

  4. Photo of Danièle Delorme

    Danièle Delorme Cast

  5. Photo of Jeanne Boitel

    Jeanne Boitel Cast

  6. Photo of Bourvil

    Bourvil Cast

  7. Photo of Georges Marchal

    Georges Marchal Cast

  8. Photo of Brigitte Bardot

    Brigitte Bardot Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Louis Barrault

    Jean-Louis Barrault Cast

  10. Photo of Gilbert Bokanowski

    Gilbert Bokanowski Cast

  11. Photo of Pauline Carton

    Pauline Carton Cast

  12. Photo of Orson Welles

    Orson Welles Cast

  13. Photo of Michel Auclair

    Michel Auclair Cast

  14. Photo of Gino Cervi

    Gino Cervi Cast

  15. Photo of Charles Vanel

    Charles Vanel Cast

  16. Photo of Gérard Philipe

    Gérard Philipe Cast

  17. Photo of Édith Piaf

    Édith Piaf Cast

  18. Photo of Jean-Claude Pascal

    Jean-Claude Pascal Cast

  19. Photo of Gaby Morlay

    Gaby Morlay Cast

  20. Photo of Mary Marquet

    Mary Marquet Cast

  21. Photo of Jean Richard

    Jean Richard Cast

  22. Photo of Pierre Montazel

    Pierre Montazel Cinematography

  23. Photo of Jean Françaix

    Jean Françaix Music

  24. Photo of René Renoux

    René Renoux Production Design

  25. Photo of Ignace Morgenstern

    Ignace Morgenstern Producer

  26. Photo of Clément Duhour

    Clément Duhour Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Raymond Lamy

    Raymond Lamy Editing

  28. Photo of Joseph de Bretagne

    Joseph de Bretagne Sound

  29. Photo of Monique Dunan

    Monique Dunan Costume Design

  30. Photo of Alex Papin

    Alex Papin Costume Design

  31. Photo of Maggy Rouff

    Maggy Rouff Costume Design

  32. Photo of Jean Zay

    Jean Zay Costume Design

  33. Photo of Raymond Gabutti

    Raymond Gabutti Art Department