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  1. Photo of Richard Lester

    Richard Lester Director

  2. Photo of Denis O'Dell

    Denis O'Dell Producer

  3. Photo of David V. Picker

    David V. Picker Producer

  4. Photo of George MacDonald Fraser

    George MacDonald Fraser Screenplay

  5. Photo of Geoffrey Unsworth

    Geoffrey Unsworth Cinematography

  6. Photo of Malcolm McDowell

    Malcolm McDowell Cast

  7. Photo of Alan Bates

    Alan Bates Cast

  8. Photo of Florinda Bolkan

    Florinda Bolkan Cast

  9. Photo of Oliver Reed

    Oliver Reed Cast

  10. Photo of Joss Ackland

    Joss Ackland Cast

  11. Photo of Tom Bell

    Tom Bell Cast

  12. Photo of Lionel Jeffries

    Lionel Jeffries Cast

  13. Photo of Britt Ekland

    Britt Ekland Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Hordern

    Michael Hordern Cast

  15. Photo of Alastair Sim

    Alastair Sim Cast

  16. Photo of Bob Hoskins

    Bob Hoskins Cast

  17. Photo of John Victor-Smith

    John Victor-Smith Editing

  18. Photo of Terence Marsh

    Terence Marsh Production Design

  19. Photo of Ken Thorne

    Ken Thorne Music

  20. Photo of Simon Kaye

    Simon Kaye Sound

  21. Photo of Don Sharpe

    Don Sharpe Sound

  22. Photo of Paul Smith

    Paul Smith Sound

  23. Photo of Alan Barrett

    Alan Barrett Costume Design

  24. Photo of Christopher Cazenove

    Christopher Cazenove Cast

  25. Photo of Henry Cooper

    Henry Cooper Cast

  26. Photo of Richard Pearson

    Richard Pearson Cast

  27. Photo of David Jason

    David Jason Cast

  28. Photo of Rula Lenska

    Rula Lenska Cast

  29. Photo of Bob Peck

    Bob Peck Cast