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  1. Photo of Hasse Ekman

    Hasse Ekman Director, Screenplay, Producer, Cast

  2. Photo of Hilding Bladh

    Hilding Bladh Cinematography

  3. Photo of Sune Waldimir

    Sune Waldimir Music

  4. Photo of Edvin Adolphson

    Edvin Adolphson Cast

  5. Photo of Eva Henning

    Eva Henning Cast

  6. Photo of Olof Winnerstrand

    Olof Winnerstrand Cast

  7. Photo of Hilda Borgström

    Hilda Borgström Cast

  8. Photo of Gudrun Brost

    Gudrun Brost Cast

  9. Photo of Erik Strandmark

    Erik Strandmark Cast

  10. Photo of Stig Järrel

    Stig Järrel Cast

  11. Photo of Hugo Tranberg

    Hugo Tranberg Cast

  12. Photo of Wiktor Andersson

    Wiktor Andersson Cast

  13. Photo of Börje Mellvig

    Börje Mellvig Cast

  14. Photo of Julia Cæsar

    Julia Cæsar Cast

  15. Photo of Erik A. Petschler

    Erik A. Petschler Cast

  16. Photo of Tord Stål

    Tord Stål Cast

  17. Photo of Hildur Lindberg

    Hildur Lindberg Cast