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  1. Mr.Pacha's rating of the film Rules of Engagement

  2. David Lindemann's rating of the film Rules of Engagement

    Unfortunately it is impossible on mubi to rate a film lower than 1 Star. This one is actually minus 5! Worst film I have ever seen: a racist, islamophobic gloryfication of (american) warfare. In fact the whole story leeds to the justifycation of a massacre among civilians in Yemen, carried out by US-marines. ("based on a true story" – I'm sure it is)

  3. Giovanni Maroli's rating of the film Rules of Engagement

    In spite of the talented cast, a rhetoric pamphlet that turns into apologetic of war crimes. Both war movies and law movies fans will be upset with this. And the ending is ridiculous.

  4. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film Rules of Engagement

    It starts out with a lot of interesting things, the many trespasses to and fro over the line between the honorable and the savage, how neither side is really honorable or entirely able to be villified, only for what could've been a very good take on a very problematic didacticism that was to come in the then impending decade to be imploded with a unfitting ending of somehow trying to save face.