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  1. Photo of Robert Enrico

    Robert Enrico Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alain Poiré

    Alain Poiré Producer

  3. Photo of Jacques Pecheral

    Jacques Pecheral Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tony Recoder

    Tony Recoder Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jean Boffety

    Jean Boffety Cinematography

  6. Photo of Lino Ventura

    Lino Ventura Cast

  7. Photo of Brigitte Bardot

    Brigitte Bardot Cast

  8. Photo of Guy Marchand

    Guy Marchand Cast

  9. Photo of Marc Dudicourt

    Marc Dudicourt Cast

  10. Photo of Tanya Lopert

    Tanya Lopert Cast

  11. Photo of Michel Lewin

    Michel Lewin Editing

  12. Photo of François de Roubaix

    François de Roubaix Music

  13. Photo of Bill Travers

    Bill Travers Cast

  14. Photo of Clive Revill

    Clive Revill Cast

  15. Photo of La Polaca

    La Polaca Cast

  16. Photo of Jess Hahn

    Jess Hahn Cast

  17. Photo of Antonio Casas

    Antonio Casas Cast

  18. Photo of Andréas Voutsinas

    Andréas Voutsinas Cast

  19. Photo of Jack Betts

    Jack Betts Cast

  20. Photo of Roger Jacquet

    Roger Jacquet Cast

  21. Photo of Marc Eyraud

    Marc Eyraud Cast

  22. Photo of Stéphane Fey

    Stéphane Fey Cast

  23. Photo of Robert Lombard

    Robert Lombard Cast

  24. Photo of Henry Czarniak

    Henry Czarniak Cast

  25. Photo of Florence Giorgetti

    Florence Giorgetti Cast

  26. Photo of Max Douy

    Max Douy Production Design