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  1. Photo of Stanley Tong

    Stanley Tong Director

  2. Photo of Edward Tang

    Edward Tang Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fibe Ma

    Fibe Ma Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jackie Chan

    Jackie Chan Cast

  5. Photo of Anita Mui

    Anita Mui Cast

  6. Photo of Fran├žoise Yip

    Fran├žoise Yip Cast

  7. Photo of Bill Tung

    Bill Tung Cast

  8. Photo of Marc Akerstream

    Marc Akerstream Cast

  9. Photo of Garvin Cross

    Garvin Cross Cast

  10. Photo of Morgan Lam

    Morgan Lam Cast

  11. Photo of Ailen Sit

    Ailen Sit Cast

  12. Photo of Chan Man-Ching

    Chan Man-Ching Cast

  13. Photo of Fred Andrucci

    Fred Andrucci Cast

  14. Photo of Mark Antoniuk

    Mark Antoniuk Cast

  15. Photo of Lauro Chartrand

    Lauro Chartrand Cast

  16. Photo of Chris Franco

    Chris Franco Cast

  17. Photo of Lance Gibson

    Lance Gibson Cast

  18. Photo of David Hooper

    David Hooper Cast

  19. Photo of Kathy Hubble

    Kathy Hubble Cast

  20. Photo of Terrance Leigh

    Terrance Leigh Cast

  21. Photo of Dean McKenzie

    Dean McKenzie Cast

  22. Photo of Kimani Ray Smith

    Kimani Ray Smith Cast

  23. Photo of Lisa Stevens

    Lisa Stevens Cast

  24. Photo of Kris Lord

    Kris Lord Cast

  25. Photo of Richard Faraci

    Richard Faraci Cast

  26. Photo of Mark Fielding

    Mark Fielding Cast

  27. Photo of Terry Howsen

    Terry Howsen Cast

  28. Photo of Jordan Lennox

    Jordan Lennox Cast

  29. Photo of Gabriel Ostevic

    Gabriel Ostevic Cast

  30. Photo of John Sampson

    John Sampson Cast

  31. Photo of Owen Walstrom

    Owen Walstrom Cast

  32. Photo of Carrie Cain-Sparks

    Carrie Cain-Sparks Cast

  33. Photo of Guyle Fraizer

    Guyle Fraizer Cast

  34. Photo of David Fredericks

    David Fredericks Cast

  35. Photo of Harold Gillespie

    Harold Gillespie Cast

  36. Photo of Alf Humphreys

    Alf Humphreys Cast

  37. Photo of Elly Leung

    Elly Leung Cast

  38. Photo of Rainbow Ching

    Rainbow Ching Cast

  39. Photo of Jamie Luk

    Jamie Luk Cast

  40. Photo of Richard O'Sullivan

    Richard O'Sullivan Cast

  41. Photo of Alecia Paget

    Alecia Paget Cast

  42. Photo of John McGrath

    John McGrath Cast

  43. Photo of Adrian Parkinson

    Adrian Parkinson Cast

  44. Photo of Rick Burgess

    Rick Burgess Cast

  45. Photo of Eddy Ko

    Eddy Ko Cast

  46. Photo of Annabelle Louie

    Annabelle Louie Cast

  47. Photo of Emil Chau

    Emil Chau Cast

  48. Photo of Alex To

    Alex To Cast

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