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  1. Photo of Gary Fleder

    Gary Fleder Director and Producer

  2. Photo of John Grisham

    John Grisham Screenplay

  3. Photo of Brian Koppelman

    Brian Koppelman Screenplay

  4. Photo of David Levien

    David Levien Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rick Cleveland

    Rick Cleveland Screenplay

  6. Photo of Matthew Chapman

    Matthew Chapman Screenplay

  7. Photo of John Cusack

    John Cusack Cast

  8. Photo of Gene Hackman

    Gene Hackman Cast

  9. Photo of Dustin Hoffman

    Dustin Hoffman Cast

  10. Photo of Rachel Weisz

    Rachel Weisz Cast

  11. Photo of Jeremy Piven

    Jeremy Piven Cast

  12. Photo of Bruce McGill

    Bruce McGill Cast

  13. Photo of Nick Searcy

    Nick Searcy Cast

  14. Photo of Stanley Anderson

    Stanley Anderson Cast

  15. Photo of Bruce Davison

    Bruce Davison Cast

  16. Photo of Cliff Curtis

    Cliff Curtis Cast

  17. Photo of Bill Nunn

    Bill Nunn Cast

  18. Photo of Nora Dunn

    Nora Dunn Cast

  19. Photo of Rusty Schwimmer

    Rusty Schwimmer Cast

  20. Photo of Guy Torry

    Guy Torry Cast

  21. Photo of Leland Orser

    Leland Orser Cast

  22. Photo of Nestor Serrano

    Nestor Serrano Cast

  23. Photo of Jennifer Beals

    Jennifer Beals Cast

  24. Photo of Gerry Bamman

    Gerry Bamman Cast

  25. Photo of Joanna Going

    Joanna Going Cast

  26. Photo of Juanita Jennings

    Juanita Jennings Cast

  27. Photo of Marguerite Moreau

    Marguerite Moreau Cast

  28. Photo of Luis Guzmán

    Luis Guzmán Cast

  29. Photo of Dylan McDermott

    Dylan McDermott Cast

  30. Photo of Robert Elswit

    Robert Elswit Cinematography

  31. Photo of Christopher Young

    Christopher Young Music

  32. Photo of Nelson Coates

    Nelson Coates Production Design

  33. Photo of Christopher Mankiewicz

    Christopher Mankiewicz Producer

  34. Photo of Arnon Milchan

    Arnon Milchan Producer

  35. Photo of Jeffrey Downer

    Jeffrey Downer Executive Producer

  36. Photo of William Steinkamp

    William Steinkamp Editing