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  1. Photo of Dino Risi

    Dino Risi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lidia Ravera

    Lidia Ravera Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bernardino Zapponi

    Bernardino Zapponi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Diana Gould

    Diana Gould Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alberto Moravia

    Alberto Moravia Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sophia Loren

    Sophia Loren Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Loggia

    Robert Loggia Cast

  8. Photo of Leonardo Ferrantini

    Leonardo Ferrantini Cast

  9. Photo of Dario Ghirardi

    Dario Ghirardi Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Borromel

    Charles Borromel Cast

  11. Photo of Carla Calò

    Carla Calò Cast

  12. Photo of Giovanni Elsner

    Giovanni Elsner Cast

  13. Photo of Tommy Givogre

    Tommy Givogre Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Hintz

    Peter Hintz Cast

  15. Photo of Paolo Merosi

    Paolo Merosi Cast

  16. Photo of Carlo Monni

    Carlo Monni Cast

  17. Photo of Carlo Mucari

    Carlo Mucari Cast

  18. Photo of Andrea Occhipinti

    Andrea Occhipinti Cast

  19. Photo of Pino Quartullo

    Pino Quartullo Cast

  20. Photo of Luigi Kuveiller

    Luigi Kuveiller Cinematography

  21. Photo of Armando Trovajoli

    Armando Trovajoli Music

  22. Photo of Giantito Burchiellaro

    Giantito Burchiellaro Production Design

  23. Photo of Carlo Ponti

    Carlo Ponti Producer

  24. Photo of Mirjana Mijojlic

    Mirjana Mijojlic Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Alberto Gallitti

    Alberto Gallitti Editing