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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Claennis's rating of the film Running on Karma

    The first 30 minutes was solid but descended very strangely for the remainder. Shame because muscle suit-stripper-bodybuilder-Andy Lau was highly entertaining.

  2. Junda Mane's rating of the film Running on Karma

    A strange but ultimately rewarding experience. You can expect no less from Johnnie To & Wai Ka Fai.

  3. CJ Roy's rating of the film Running on Karma

    One of the most moral and humane films. To shows such remarkable restraint with his form, knowing when to use broad strokes and when to simplify. Because of this the last act becomes more then just a superfluous grace note, it rises as one of the most elegant and necessary meditations on violence and tragedy

  4. Jake Cole's rating of the film Running on Karma

    A romcom in which one brings baggage not from prior relationship but past lives. A film that opens with the woman busting the man mid-striptease proves surprisingly chaste, the monk-cum-hunk (sorry) proving his love by trying to save her from the consequences of her former self. The final act's lurch is less shocking for its ultraviolence than its meditation on same. To fix karma, one must sometimes defy it.

  5. phung's rating of the film Running on Karma

    Sui generis if it isn't adequately definable as a Buddhist crime-mystery, martial arts, romantic-comedy; Completely unhinged in a way that Hong Kong action has not risked since the early 90s

  6. wko's rating of the film Running on Karma

    This is To's best in my opinion (second: Election). A pastiche of genres. Awesomely inventive. Dear Hong Kong, more of this and less triads and police dramas please!