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  1. Photo of Pavel Lyubimov

    Pavel Lyubimov Director

  2. Photo of Aleksandr Galich

    Aleksandr Galich Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alexander Grin

    Alexander Grin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stefan Tsanev

    Stefan Tsanev Screenplay

  5. Photo of Stoyan Zlychkin

    Stoyan Zlychkin Cinematography

  6. Photo of Sava Hashamov

    Sava Hashamov Cast

  7. Photo of Rolan Bykov

    Rolan Bykov Cast

  8. Photo of Margarita Terekhova

    Margarita Terekhova Cast

  9. Photo of Natalya Bogunova

    Natalya Bogunova Cast

  10. Photo of Oleg Zhakov

    Oleg Zhakov Cast

  11. Photo of Yevgeni Fridman

    Yevgeni Fridman Cast

  12. Photo of Vasil Popiliev

    Vasil Popiliev Cast

  13. Photo of Yordan Matev

    Yordan Matev Cast

  14. Photo of Ani Spasova

    Ani Spasova Cast

  15. Photo of N. Nikolayeva

    N. Nikolayeva Cast

  16. Photo of Yevstati Stratev

    Yevstati Stratev Cast

  17. Photo of V. Vylkov

    V. Vylkov Cast

  18. Photo of Elena Dimitrova

    Elena Dimitrova Editing

  19. Photo of K. Malinskaya

    K. Malinskaya Editing

  20. Photo of Galina Anfilova

    Galina Anfilova Production Design

  21. Photo of Alexander Denkov

    Alexander Denkov Production Design

  22. Photo of Emin Khachaturyan

    Emin Khachaturyan Music

  23. Photo of Leonard Bukhov

    Leonard Bukhov Sound

  24. Photo of S. Vaitenko

    S. Vaitenko Costume Design