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  1. Photo of Rachel Samuels

    Rachel Samuels Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Theresa Russell

    Theresa Russell Cast

  3. Photo of Andrew Robinson

    Andrew Robinson Cast

  4. Photo of Anthony Crivello

    Anthony Crivello Cast

  5. Photo of Eddie Velez

    Eddie Velez Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Joseph Paul

    Richard Joseph Paul Cast

  7. Photo of Robert LaSardo

    Robert LaSardo Cast

  8. Photo of Gary Graham

    Gary Graham Cast

  9. Photo of David McCurley

    David McCurley Cast

  10. Photo of Melinda Songer

    Melinda Songer Cast

  11. Photo of Gregory Cruz

    Gregory Cruz Cast

  12. Photo of Seidy Lopez

    Seidy Lopez Cast

  13. Photo of Christopher Pennock

    Christopher Pennock Cast

  14. Photo of Jeffrey Scott Jensen

    Jeffrey Scott Jensen Cast

  15. Photo of Castulo Guerra

    Castulo Guerra Cast

  16. Photo of Chris Manley

    Chris Manley Cinematography

  17. Photo of Christopher Lennertz

    Christopher Lennertz Music

  18. Photo of David Blass

    David Blass Production Design

  19. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer

  20. Photo of Marta M. Mobley

    Marta M. Mobley Producer

  21. Photo of Darin Spillman

    Darin Spillman Producer

  22. Photo of Robert L. Goodman

    Robert L. Goodman Editing

  23. Photo of Sonya Polonsky

    Sonya Polonsky Editing

  24. Photo of Jeff Orgill

    Jeff Orgill Editing

  25. Photo of Lorita de la Cerna

    Lorita de la Cerna Sound

  26. Photo of Kevin Hamilton

    Kevin Hamilton Sound

  27. Photo of Joel E. Smith

    Joel E. Smith Sound

  28. Photo of Jayme Bohn

    Jayme Bohn Costume Design

  29. Photo of Tom Ceglia

    Tom Ceglia Special Effects

  30. Photo of Albert Lannutti

    Albert Lannutti Special Effects

  31. Photo of Steve Newquist

    Steve Newquist Special Effects