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  1. Photo of Sándor Sára

    Sándor Sára Director, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gabriella Grósz

    Gabriella Grósz Producer

  3. Photo of Gábor Hanák

    Gábor Hanák Producer

  4. Photo of Miklós Domahidy

    Miklós Domahidy Screenplay

  5. Photo of Balázs Sára

    Balázs Sára Cinematography

  6. Photo of Zoltán Seres

    Zoltán Seres Cast

  7. Photo of József Szarvas

    József Szarvas Cast

  8. Photo of Andras Stohl

    Andras Stohl Cast

  9. Photo of Balázs Mihályfi

    Balázs Mihályfi Cast

  10. Photo of Áron Őze

    Áron Őze Cast

  11. Photo of Péter Andorai

    Péter Andorai Cast

  12. Photo of József Madaras

    József Madaras Cast

  13. Photo of Anna Ráckevei

    Anna Ráckevei Cast

  14. Photo of Anikó Für

    Anikó Für Cast

  15. Photo of Jan Nowicki

    Jan Nowicki Cast

  16. Photo of János Rózsa

    János Rózsa Editing

  17. Photo of Péter Eötvös

    Péter Eötvös Music

  18. Photo of György Fék

    György Fék Sound

  19. Photo of Zsuzsa Stenger

    Zsuzsa Stenger Costume Design