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  1. Photo of Andrei Konchalovsky

    Andrei Konchalovsky Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Viktor Merezhko

    Viktor Merezhko Screenplay

  3. Photo of Inna Churikova

    Inna Churikova Cast

  4. Photo of Viktor Mikhaylov

    Viktor Mikhaylov Cast

  5. Photo of Aleksandr Surin

    Aleksandr Surin Cast

  6. Photo of Gennadi Yegorychyov

    Gennadi Yegorychyov Cast

  7. Photo of Gennadi Nazarov

    Gennadi Nazarov Cast

  8. Photo of Mikhail Kislov

    Mikhail Kislov Cast

  9. Photo of Mikhail Kononov

    Mikhail Kononov Cast

  10. Photo of Lyubov Sokolova

    Lyubov Sokolova Cast

  11. Photo of Aleksandr Chislov

    Aleksandr Chislov Cast

  12. Photo of Tatyana Bukamina

    Tatyana Bukamina Cast

  13. Photo of Yevgeni Shkayev

    Yevgeni Shkayev Cast

  14. Photo of Larisa Kudryashova

    Larisa Kudryashova Cast

  15. Photo of Yevgeni Guslinsky

    Yevgeni Guslinsky Cinematography

  16. Photo of Boris Basurov

    Boris Basurov Music

  17. Photo of Andrei Platov

    Andrei Platov Production Design

  18. Photo of Leonid Platov

    Leonid Platov Production Design

  19. Photo of Sergei Bayev

    Sergei Bayev Producer

  20. Photo of Jacky Ouaknine

    Jacky Ouaknine Producer

  21. Photo of Chris Bolzli

    Chris Bolzli Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Yelena Gagarina

    Yelena Gagarina Editing

  23. Photo of Aleksandr Pogosyan

    Aleksandr Pogosyan Sound