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  1. Photo of Simon Wincer

    Simon Wincer Director

  2. Photo of Andrew Swanson

    Andrew Swanson Director

  3. Photo of Gary Conway

    Gary Conway Director

  4. Photo of David Johnstone

    David Johnstone Director

  5. Photo of Ian Bennett

    Ian Bennett Director

  6. Photo of George Miller

    George Miller Director

  7. Photo of Morton S. Fine

    Morton S. Fine Screenplay

  8. Photo of Peter Schreck

    Peter Schreck Screenplay

  9. Photo of Neil Atkinson

    Neil Atkinson Screenplay

  10. Photo of Phil Freedman

    Phil Freedman Screenplay

  11. Photo of William Froug

    William Froug Screenplay

  12. Photo of Jim Simmonds

    Jim Simmonds Screenplay

  13. Photo of Dennis Paul

    Dennis Paul Screenplay

  14. Photo of David Boutland

    David Boutland Screenplay

  15. Photo of Everett De Roche

    Everett De Roche Screenplay

  16. Photo of Ian Jone

    Ian Jone Screenplay

  17. Photo of John Blair

    John Blair Screenplay

  18. Photo of Luis Bayonas

    Luis Bayonas Screenplay

  19. Photo of Michael Harvey

    Michael Harvey Screenplay

  20. Photo of John Edwards

    John Edwards Screenplay

  21. Photo of Rod Mullinar

    Rod Mullinar Cast

  22. Photo of Pamela Stephenson

    Pamela Stephenson Cast

  23. Photo of Luigi Villani

    Luigi Villani Cast

  24. Photo of Colin McEwan

    Colin McEwan Cast

  25. Photo of Garry Hardman

    Garry Hardman Music

  26. Photo of Marie Trevor

    Marie Trevor Producer

  27. Photo of Terry Stapleton

    Terry Stapleton Executive Producer and Screenplay