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  1. Benjamin Reid's rating of the film Ryan

    Maybe my fav short. Its depiction of depression, regret, and addiction has stayed with me a long time--sometimes in jest, sometimes in nightmares. On paper, it should not work. It's quite sentimental and uses Larkins' own films a lot; however, Landreth puts his own touch on the older films and his confrontation with Larkin about his alcoholism is an emotional assault from all sides. Very surreal. Very sad. I tear up.

  2. Pango's rating of the film Ryan

    Visually stunning and mind blowing, but very unethical animated documentary. The director was so disrespectful and insensitive. It hurts to see how the real Ryan reacted to this film, how it psychologically damaged him and how his opinion was completely ignored.

  3. Polyglot's rating of the film Ryan

    What a f#$king masterpiece. :'p

  4. susie's rating of the film Ryan

    The film should've aged due to its heavy reliance on retired 3D animation trends but it won me over. I can't decide whether the story or the visuals make the film. Their reliance on each other makes for a sympathetic portrait of an artist's undoing.

  5. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Ryan

  6. M. Hulot's rating of the film Ryan

  7. Dani's rating of the film Ryan

    i was attending seneca while people were still pumped about this

  8. Sophia Park's rating of the film Ryan

    the nfb pimps this out like nobody's business.

  9. Pooyan R's rating of the film Ryan

    4 honorable stars! and I'd give 5 stars for the bonus documentary about Ryan and how they made the animation.

  10. gory™'s rating of the film Ryan