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  1. Photo of Takeshi Kitano

    Takeshi Kitano Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Tatsuya Fuji

    Tatsuya Fuji Cast

  3. Photo of Masaomi Kondo

    Masaomi Kondo Cast

  4. Photo of Akira Nakao

    Akira Nakao Cast

  5. Photo of Tôru Shinagawa

    Tôru Shinagawa Cast

  6. Photo of Ben Hiura

    Ben Hiura Cast

  7. Photo of Yoshizumi Ito

    Yoshizumi Ito Cast

  8. Photo of Ken Yoshizawa

    Ken Yoshizawa Cast

  9. Photo of Akira Onodera

    Akira Onodera Cast

  10. Photo of Ken Yasuda

    Ken Yasuda Cast

  11. Photo of Kenichi Yajima

    Kenichi Yajima Cast

  12. Photo of Atom Shimojo

    Atom Shimojo Cast

  13. Photo of Masanobu Katsumura

    Masanobu Katsumura Cast

  14. Photo of Hisako Manda

    Hisako Manda Cast

  15. Photo of Fumika Shimizu

    Fumika Shimizu Cast

  16. Photo of Katsumi Yanagijima

    Katsumi Yanagijima Cinematography