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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dieterliebling's rating of the film Sabah

    ein einfacher frauenfilm. hier werden alle vorurteile bestätigt.

  2. Gaétan Dufort's rating of the film Sabah

    Having watched this movie some years ago, I am still looking for the title and/or the name of the artist performing the music score where the ladies are dancing at the very end. I believe that is the scene shown in the picture used by this site.

  3. Moamen's rating of the film Sabah

    well , good story and good film making .... but a very shallow film , the film tries to make it big and discuss big issues about muslims and women in western communities but sorrowfully , the film makers doesn't have the slightest or the basic facts of what they are discussing , the expression of a typical muslim family life and culture was very stereotypical and at some times rather funny than being correct .