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  1. Nancarrow's rating of the film Sabotage

    perhaps hitch's bleakest work. innocence is obliterated. this film is still in communication with the present; 1 of the longest cinematic phone calls i can recall

  2. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Sabotage

    Why isn't this film rated higher in the Hitchcock canon? I think it is one of his best. The great Sylvia Sidney and Oscar Homolka are a fascinating mismatch and Sidney's emotional transparency allows for some intense passages.

  3. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Sabotage

    6.6/10, my review:

  4. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Sabotage

    In the 1930s, Hitchcock was Lang plus humor and romance, and that's certainly how this one begins. Then it goes to darker places than you imagined possible for the time, and ends with characters who are among his most complicated (or his most incoherent). Beautifully shot, and any humor is dipped in expressionism and madness. This was my 30th Hitchcock film, and it's left me feeling that I'm not done with him yet.

  5. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Sabotage

    Conrad´s novel is great and i would not say that the film is as strong. But Hitch gives its best, finding lots of good ideas to tell this story through the mise en scène. Like this aquarium scene where he only films their back and exclude the spectator. The knife scene creates also a great tension (read the Hitchbook) and of course the classic bomb suspense, very Hitchcockian to say the least.

  6. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Sabotage

    A little outdated but a classic Hitchcock none the less, his fourth truly great film.

  7. smndvdcl's rating of the film Sabotage

    Trademark Hitchcock - "Don't Forget The Birds Will Sing At 1:45" - fear comes from knowing the shock is coming - the anticipation, the suspense, the repeated reminder, the contextual significance of an object with a dramatic purpose. A masterful thriller establishing the cinematic tropes of the genre within all elements of the production.

  8. Maudealan's rating of the film Sabotage

    I love this one of the like British sound ones most probably just because I love Sylvia Sidney so much, but also it's just really good

  9. captainfez's rating of the film Sabotage

    Why The Courier Business Sucks, Old Chap: The Movie.

  10. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Sabotage

  11. FISCHER's rating of the film Sabotage

    Oeuvre anglaise du grand Alfred qui renferme la fameuse scène anthologique du garçon à la bombe, prenant l'autobus en toute insouciance, en direction de Piccadilly...

  12. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Sabotage

    80 y later, many parallels between this story & the situation and bombings in Brussels, Paris, Istambul. Alternation between humor & cruelty, meticulously crafted, perfect image, acting, suspense. ==== Beaucoup de parallèles entre cette histoire & la situation et les attentats de Bruxelles, Paris, Istamboul. Film parfait, méticuleusement ciselé, image, jeu des comédiens & suspense, alternance entre humour & cruauté!

  13. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Sabotage

    Many movies exist in a providential world where God is on the side of the Good. In this movie it's hard to figure out who must be punished.

  14. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Sabotage

    Lets itself down by failing to follow through on the emotional consequences of the climax. But apart from that this is an underrated piece which contains some wonderful expressionistic sequences and maintains the tension by refusing to explain its characters' motives. The use of the cinema setting as a physical frame creates a playful subtext around the power of film. Homolka and Sidney are excellent.

  15. alimcintyre's rating of the film Sabotage

    Not a classic Hitchcock but it does have some good scenes of London in the 1930s

  16. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film Sabotage

    Uninspired and dull, despite its characteristic good pace.

  17. Leigh Collins's rating of the film Sabotage

    Overly simplistic, unsubtle thriller with unendearing characters. Hitchcock still learning the craft.

  18. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Sabotage

    Not bad, great shots of London as it was. London zoo 6d entrance fee! Those were the days. The book is very good, The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad, worth a read, very atmospheric.

  19. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Sabotage

  20. Alice Rizzo's rating of the film Sabotage

  21. Martin Jensen's rating of the film Sabotage

    children in Hitchcock's films are the w o r s t

  22. raggiodisole's rating of the film Sabotage

    Nascent Hitch, pitching those in the know against those who should know better, with those who know nothing bang in the middle

  23. 'king Harold's rating of the film Sabotage

    I read a damn spoiler before this and luckily there was a lot more to enjoy as well as the plot, please folks, no spoilers! The comments are useful before deciding to watch as long as they are opinions , there is no need to describe every little thing that happens.

  24. DanB3000's rating of the film Sabotage

    Interesting from a historical point of view, with a few good scenes. This movie feels like a newborn colt struggling to its feet and testing its legs. There is an awkwardness to dialogue, cinematography and plotting often seen in films of this era, when I suppose the talkies were getting into their stride. Nice to see London as it used to look. Interesting to pick out the plot points that mark a thriller to this day.

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