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  1. nein's rating of the film Safety Last!

    The climb on the De Vore Department Store may be the best alegory of life ever made.

  2. Bizzskip Nurse's rating of the film Safety Last!

  3. Scotch's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Even 90 years later, that climb is terrifying to watch. Silly fun.

  4. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Safety Last!

    While Lloyd never did the same for me as Chaplin or Keaton, that final sequence in Safety Last had me sweating in my seat. Pure entertainment.

  5. Zachary T.'s rating of the film Safety Last!

    It's disarmingly clever and accomplished. The gags and suspense never let up, and vignettes flow together and snowball with grace and intelligence that puts the modern comedy to shame. Who says art can't be funny?

  6. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Even before we get to the famous climb, the story has already delivered enough good, clever gags to be a perfectly satisfying comedy. The climb, reluctant and and forced, purely motivated by The Boy trying to hide his 'failure,' is a capper on an already good movie. The stunts are even more impressive for having been accomplished after Lloyd lost his right thumb and forefinger.

  7. Log Lady's rating of the film Safety Last!

    My first Lloyd film! He was a most adorable and expressive comedian with a great sense of comedic timing. The skyscraper scene is gut-wrenching, and knowing how it was made doesn't diminish the effect one bit. The film gathers pace like a whirlwind from fantastically constructed gags to overwhelming tension and fun.

  8. TheCinemaAdventurist's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Glad to finally see this! Another silent gem that is a true show stopper.

  9. Charles Coleman's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Just great all-around comedy, very well written especially the beginning gag and the famous building climb sequence. The constant piling on and the ending with the kickers was just brilliant. Also, loved the chaotic sales sequence where Lloyd loses his shirt and literally has to Fairbanksianly fight off the women in the store. Loved every moment in the movie, definitely lives up to the hype.

  10. Kian Ross's rating of the film Safety Last!

  11. MostlyDead's rating of the film Safety Last!

    I'm calling it: SAFETY LAST is the greatest comedy ever! It makes you laugh hard while also making you desperately hope for the success of our hero, who symbolizes us to this day. In addition, the film has greater effect when shown on the big screen to a packed crowd, just like I was in when I saw the film for the first time. (Some live musical accompaniment doesn't hurt either.)

  12. captain's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Not Safety Last specific, but I just realized that Dr Zoidberg's uncle was Harold Zoid!!!!! :)

  13. Danny Indio's rating of the film Safety Last!

    The wit in this is overwhelming. My eyes remained glued to the screen as the story progressed and the tension built. The climb up the tower made me feel triumphant at the end. Although I'm sure there are motifs, symbols and themes within the film to uncover, in the end it is first and foremost, FUN. I marvel at the skill and artistry that went into making this.

  14. Mubiey's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Harold Lloyd is a master of slapstic comedy.

  15. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Harold Lloyd parece ser más ingenioso cuando se trata de crear enredos. Hay más dedicación que en las bromas de Chaplin o Keaton, y no me refiero a los gags, sino a las bromas que plantean risas no crueles. Lo cierto también es que cada uno esté dentro de su propia línea: Chaplin al discurso, Keaton a la buena historia y Lloyd a la comedia saludable.

  16. WhatsUpWill's rating of the film Safety Last!

  17. There Will Be Josh Schasny's rating of the film Safety Last!

    It doesn't get any more suspenseful than this. It is Hitchcockian in its delivery, only the danger is entirely slapstick. Safety Last! has stood the test of time and is a must-see for comedy-silent-slapstick fans.

  18. The Future Mr. Gitts's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Chaplin is the heartwarming clown, Keaton is the clever outsider, and Lloyd is the ambitious everyman. I'm definitely a Keaton guy, but the climactic climb is one of Silent Cinema's best sequences. So tense, even to this day, but also quite funny. Simple yet inspired. And Lloyd is such a charming fellow, you can't help but root for him.

  19. T. J. Harman's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Really holds up and the physical gags and suspenseful scenes are really well done.

  20. Justin Senkbile's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Saw this for the first time today, and on 35. What it might lack in timing it more than makes up for in frenzy and sheer spectacle. The whole climbing sequence at the end is truly perfect.

  21. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Harold Lloyd's classic comedy about a young man who heads to the big city to make his fortune before getting married, is a textbook example of silent comedy. While not as famous perhaps as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Lloyd's death defying stunts have left us with some of cinema's most iconic imagery. One of the marvels of the silent era.

  22. AKFilmFan's rating of the film Safety Last!

    Lloyd's masterwork doesn't have laugh-a-minute slapstick but charms its way into viewer's hearts until the thrilling climax that keeps pushing the audience's buttons similar to what Hitchcock would master over his career.

  23. Ingrid Hoeben's rating of the film Safety Last!

    This Lloyd has it all: on screen charm, acting skills, character builT-up, doing own stunts (all of them!), .. And then there's the female interest, magnificent actresses, and the absolutely brilliant intertitles -title cards- adding it all up to: one of the best movies of all times and one of my favourites here to stay!

  24. agostinellips's rating of the film Safety Last!