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  1. Photo of András Kern

    András Kern Cast

  2. Photo of Judit Pogány

    Judit Pogány Cast

  3. Photo of Hilda Gobbi

    Hilda Gobbi Cast

  4. Photo of György Bárdy

    György Bárdy Cast

  5. Photo of Attila Dargay

    Attila Dargay Director, Screenplay

  6. Photo of Mór Jókai

    Mór Jókai Screenplay

  7. Photo of József Nepp

    József Nepp Screenplay

  8. Photo of József Romhányi

    József Romhányi Screenplay

  9. Photo of Irén Henrik

    Irén Henrik Cinematography

  10. Photo of Árpád Lossonczy

    Árpád Lossonczy Cinematography

  11. Photo of Magda Hap

    Magda Hap Editing

  12. Photo of László Berki

    László Berki Music

  13. Photo of Tamás Daróczi Bárdos

    Tamás Daróczi Bárdos Music

  14. Photo of Zsolt Pethõ

    Zsolt Pethõ Music

  15. Photo of Mari Bajnóczky

    Mari Bajnóczky Animation

  16. Photo of Piroska Bakai

    Piroska Bakai Animation

  17. Photo of Réka Balikó

    Réka Balikó Animation

  18. Photo of Gabriella Bangó

    Gabriella Bangó Animation

  19. Photo of Katalin Bánki

    Katalin Bánki Animation

  20. Photo of Péter Bársony

    Péter Bársony Sound

  21. Photo of Béla Zsebényi

    Béla Zsebényi Sound