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  1. Photo of Daniel Fridell

    Daniel Fridell Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jimmy Karlsson

    Jimmy Karlsson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Grace Maharaj-Eriksson

    Grace Maharaj-Eriksson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Haddy Jallow

    Haddy Jallow Cast

  5. Photo of Diza Dahlström Franzén

    Diza Dahlström Franzén Cast

  6. Photo of Celestine Davidsson

    Celestine Davidsson Cast

  7. Photo of Mohammed Said

    Mohammed Said Cast

  8. Photo of Erik Engstrom

    Erik Engstrom Cast

  9. Photo of Sophie Andrén

    Sophie Andrén Cast

  10. Photo of Renaida Braun

    Renaida Braun Cast

  11. Photo of Paulina Michel

    Paulina Michel Cast

  12. Photo of Ndey Nije

    Ndey Nije Cast

  13. Photo of Adjovi Folly

    Adjovi Folly Cast

  14. Photo of Anton Raukola

    Anton Raukola Cast

  15. Photo of Staffan Hammar

    Staffan Hammar Cast

  16. Photo of Armin Osmancevic

    Armin Osmancevic Cast

  17. Photo of André Nazemi

    André Nazemi Cast

  18. Photo of Kristina Rådström

    Kristina Rådström Cast

  19. Photo of Rolf Jenner

    Rolf Jenner Cast

  20. Photo of Helen Braun

    Helen Braun Cast

  21. Photo of Niclas Ribbarp

    Niclas Ribbarp Cinematography

  22. Photo of Johan Söderqvist

    Johan Söderqvist Music

  23. Photo of Ole Vik

    Ole Vik Music

  24. Photo of Emma Madsen

    Emma Madsen Production Design

  25. Photo of Albert Avramovic

    Albert Avramovic Producer

  26. Photo of Djengo Esmer

    Djengo Esmer Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Per Samuelsson

    Per Samuelsson Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Per-Erik Svensson

    Per-Erik Svensson Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Lasse Lundberg

    Lasse Lundberg Editing