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  1. Photo of Diane Kurys

    Diane Kurys Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Catherine Grandjean

    Catherine Grandjean Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Cindy Tempez

    Cindy Tempez Producer

  4. Photo of Alexandre Arcady

    Alexandre Arcady Producer

  5. Photo of Claire Lemaréchal

    Claire Lemaréchal Screenplay

  6. Photo of Martine Moriconi

    Martine Moriconi Screenplay

  7. Photo of Michel Abramowicz

    Michel Abramowicz Cinematography

  8. Photo of Sylvie Testud

    Sylvie Testud Cast

  9. Photo of Pierre Palmade

    Pierre Palmade Cast

  10. Photo of Jeanne Balibar

    Jeanne Balibar Cast

  11. Photo of Arielle Dombasle

    Arielle Dombasle Cast

  12. Photo of Lionel Abelanski

    Lionel Abelanski Cast

  13. Photo of Guillaume Gallienne

    Guillaume Gallienne Cast

  14. Photo of Denis Podalydès

    Denis Podalydès Cast

  15. Photo of Bruno Wolkowitch

    Bruno Wolkowitch Cast

  16. Photo of Samuel Labarthe

    Samuel Labarthe Cast

  17. Photo of Sylvie Gadmer

    Sylvie Gadmer Editing

  18. Photo of Alexandra Lassen

    Alexandra Lassen Production Design

  19. Photo of Armand Amar

    Armand Amar Music

  20. Photo of Nathalie du Roscoat

    Nathalie du Roscoat Costume Design

  21. Photo of Margot Abascal

    Margot Abascal Cast

  22. Photo of Gwendoline Hamon

    Gwendoline Hamon Cast

  23. Photo of Chantal Neuwirth

    Chantal Neuwirth Cast

  24. Photo of Silvie Laguna

    Silvie Laguna Cast

  25. Photo of Alexis Michalik

    Alexis Michalik Cast

  26. Photo of William Miller

    William Miller Cast

  27. Photo of Alexia Stresi

    Alexia Stresi Cast

  28. Photo of Nora Habib

    Nora Habib Cast

  29. Photo of Bernard Crombey

    Bernard Crombey Cast

  30. Photo of Didier Raymond

    Didier Raymond Cast