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  1. Photo of Pascal Roche

    Pascal Roche Director

  2. Photo of Jérôme M. Oliveira

    Jérôme M. Oliveira Director

  3. Photo of François Sagat

    François Sagat Self

  4. Photo of Christophe Honoré

    Christophe Honoré Self

  5. Photo of Bruce LaBruce

    Bruce LaBruce Self

  6. Photo of Chi Chi LaRue

    Chi Chi LaRue Self

  7. Photo of Brian Mills

    Brian Mills Self

  8. Photo of Cyrille Marie

    Cyrille Marie Self

  9. Photo of Caroline Sagat

    Caroline Sagat Self

  10. Photo of Serge Hefez

    Serge Hefez Self

  11. Photo of Olivier Nicklaus

    Olivier Nicklaus Self

  12. Photo of Jean-Luc Verna

    Jean-Luc Verna Self

  13. Photo of Chris Ward

    Chris Ward Self

  14. Photo of Wilfried Knight

    Wilfried Knight Self

  15. Photo of Dean Monroe

    Dean Monroe Self

  16. Photo of Pascal Auffray

    Pascal Auffray Cinematography

  17. Photo of Marc Hernández

    Marc Hernández Producer and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Véronique Rosa

    Véronique Rosa Editing

  19. Photo of Mathieu Tartamella

    Mathieu Tartamella Sound

  20. Photo of Peter Plumley

    Peter Plumley Sound