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  1. Photo of Breck Eisner

    Breck Eisner Director

  2. Photo of Clive Cussler

    Clive Cussler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Thomas Dean Donnelly

    Thomas Dean Donnelly Screenplay

  4. Photo of Joshua Oppenheimer

    Joshua Oppenheimer Screenplay

  5. Photo of John C. Richards

    John C. Richards Screenplay

  6. Photo of James V. Hart

    James V. Hart Screenplay

  7. Photo of Matthew McConaughey

    Matthew McConaughey Cast

  8. Photo of Steve Zahn

    Steve Zahn Cast

  9. Photo of Penélope Cruz

    Penélope Cruz Cast

  10. Photo of William H. Macy

    William H. Macy Cast

  11. Photo of Rainn Wilson

    Rainn Wilson Cast

  12. Photo of Delroy Lindo

    Delroy Lindo Cast

  13. Photo of Lambert Wilson

    Lambert Wilson Cast

  14. Photo of Lennie James

    Lennie James Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Cavanah

    Robert Cavanah Cast

  16. Photo of Jude Akuwudike

    Jude Akuwudike Cast

  17. Photo of Mark Aspinall

    Mark Aspinall Cast

  18. Photo of Rakie Ayola

    Rakie Ayola Cast

  19. Photo of Christopher Bello

    Christopher Bello Cast

  20. Photo of Seamus McGarvey

    Seamus McGarvey Cinematography

  21. Photo of Clint Mansell

    Clint Mansell Music

  22. Photo of Allan Cameron

    Allan Cameron Production Design

  23. Photo of Stephanie Austin

    Stephanie Austin Producer

  24. Photo of Karen Elise Baldwin

    Karen Elise Baldwin Producer

  25. Photo of Mace Neufeld

    Mace Neufeld Producer

  26. Photo of Howard Baldwin

    Howard Baldwin Producer

  27. Photo of Andrew MacRitchie

    Andrew MacRitchie Editing