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  1. Photo of Kartick Chattopadhyay

    Kartick Chattopadhyay Director

  2. Photo of Uttam Kumar

    Uttam Kumar Cast

  3. Photo of Chabi Biswas

    Chabi Biswas Cast

  4. Photo of Pahari Sanyal

    Pahari Sanyal Cast

  5. Photo of Chhaya Devi

    Chhaya Devi Cast

  6. Photo of Sumitra Devi

    Sumitra Devi Cast

  7. Photo of Anubha Gupta

    Anubha Gupta Cast

  8. Photo of Banu

    Banu Cast

  9. Photo of Jahar Ganguli

    Jahar Ganguli Cast

  10. Photo of Nitish Mukherjee

    Nitish Mukherjee Cast

  11. Photo of Padmadevi

    Padmadevi Cast