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  1. Photo of Walter Forde

    Walter Forde Director

  2. Photo of Michael Balcon

    Michael Balcon Producer

  3. Photo of Culley Forde

    Culley Forde Producer

  4. Photo of Austin Melford

    Austin Melford Screenplay

  5. Photo of John Dighton

    John Dighton Screenplay

  6. Photo of Angus MacPhail

    Angus MacPhail Screenplay

  7. Photo of Günther Krampf

    Günther Krampf Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ray Pitt

    Ray Pitt Editing

  9. Photo of Ernest Irving

    Ernest Irving Music

  10. Photo of Tommy Trinder

    Tommy Trinder Cast

  11. Photo of Claude Hulbert

    Claude Hulbert Cast

  12. Photo of Carla Lehmann

    Carla Lehmann Cast

  13. Photo of Michael Wilding

    Michael Wilding Cast

  14. Photo of James Hayter

    James Hayter Cast

  15. Photo of Jeanne De Casalis

    Jeanne De Casalis Cast

  16. Photo of Henry Hewitt

    Henry Hewitt Cast

  17. Photo of Brian Fitzpatrick

    Brian Fitzpatrick Cast

  18. Photo of John Laurie

    John Laurie Cast

  19. Photo of Harold Warrender

    Harold Warrender Cast

  20. Photo of Eric Clavering

    Eric Clavering Cast

  21. Photo of John Glyn-Jones

    John Glyn-Jones Cast

  22. Photo of John Wengraf

    John Wengraf Cast