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  1. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    A three hour horror film that doesn't feel anywhere near that long and is a genuinely fun, unnerving experience? So here for that. Really loved Mason, the very sensitive Kerwin and the memorable Nosferatu-aping vampire. His jailhouse entrance where he makes a strange cheeping barking sound is bonkers yet utterly unnerving. Also, floating vampire children and a Hermann-inspired score! A whale of a time.

  2. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    Being a good 90 minutes too long aside, like the bulk of King's adaptations and work, it's surely at its scariest when it's in grounded human-horror, as opposed to the fantastical. This is not so much because the horror feels real, but because it's when the suspense/tension is tried for and achieved properly. The rest of the film doesn't come close to matching the build-up of the adultery-revenge scene.

  3. chazell's rating of the film Salem's Lot

  4. Liz Bee's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    Solid stuff, but not the real thing - which would be Herzog's "Nosferatu the Vampyre" and, of course and as already mentioned, Schumacher's "The Lost Boys".

  5. subtonal's rating of the film Salem's Lot

  6. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    My main reason for watching it again is James Mason. He wasn't choosy about his scripts. He plays one of the classiest villains ever. A gentleman and a scoundrel! I also loved that scene with the tongue depressors.

  7. Nolan Barth's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    Where do I even start with this one? This film reeks of wasted potential. Just throw this in the bin of Stephen King adaptations to avoid. This takes a great, horrifying story and turns it into a schlocky TV film. The acting is just so cringe worthy! The production value is distractingly bad. This movie has not aged well, it was made in '79 and you can tell. Do yourself a favor and just watch The Lost Boys instead.

  8. kartina obskura's rating of the film Salem's Lot

  9. film_lies101's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    The mansion set was dope, the rest of the sets are leftovers of 60s sitcoms

  10. Palmat's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    Enjoyable vampire story with a fine cast and a pretty good story. Some of the subplots does however little to add to the suspense and could have been left on the cutting floor. The film itself is equal parts hokey and silly and atmospheric and eerie. The score by Sukman is however first rate all the way, even when the film stumbles. Good stuff!

  11. Alexandre Roy's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    Salem's Lot does a great job at bringing a 400+ pages book to life without sacrificing too much. Hooper and his team really managed to come up with some scary scenes and impressive visuals on a low budget with no technology. Barlow now looks like Nosferatu and the scenes in which he appears are always memorable. "Salem's Lot" is a great vampire movie and a fine adaptation of one of King's best novels.

  12. Fabio Nosotti's rating of the film Salem's Lot

  13. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    Una película que no debió de haber realizado Hooper, quien es más derivado a un cine de horror realista, más no fantástico. De todas formas, "Salem's lot" se disfruta. No es una gótica vampírica, sino más bien la adaptación de Stoker al ambiente moderno.

  14. Aimee's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    that image is exactly the image that kept me up at night as a child.

  15. João Eça's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    The work of a matured director. Very american in its unrelenting speed of staging, its shots are yet able to breathe. Hooper creates with camera movements, wide angles, atmospheric lightning and sound effects a world filled with horror and evil, where we face the metaphysical through the materiality of his shots. That's fucking hard to do, so I guess this is one of his most accomplished pictures.

  16. soiwaswrong's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    Childhood film!!! hahahahaha... Me and my playmates would watch it in our house, and shout whenever the vampire would appear.... But right now I hate that "zoom in - freeze frame" shot of the vamp to make it much more scar, very 19 something!!! hahahahaha..

  17. MarcH's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    Nice gothic atmosphere that's quite unlike any other horror movie.

  18. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    For a film made for TV this is pretty good with its fair share of BOO scare moments

  19. Slowart's rating of the film Salem's Lot

    classy vamoire movie with much attention to details and i think it's a movie stephen king would have liked - creepy, intelligent, but not overintelligent, tobe hooper is a real craftsman, can make any movie look good