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  1. Photo of Mikael Salomon

    Mikael Salomon Director

  2. Photo of Peter Filardi

    Peter Filardi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stephen King

    Stephen King Novel

  4. Photo of Rob Lowe

    Rob Lowe Cast

  5. Photo of Andre Braugher

    Andre Braugher Cast

  6. Photo of Donald Sutherland

    Donald Sutherland Cast

  7. Photo of Samantha Mathis

    Samantha Mathis Cast

  8. Photo of Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer Cast

  9. Photo of Dan Byrd

    Dan Byrd Cast

  10. Photo of James Cromwell

    James Cromwell Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Mammone

    Robert Mammone Cast

  12. Photo of Ben Nott

    Ben Nott Cinematography

  13. Photo of Patrick Cassidy

    Patrick Cassidy Music

  14. Photo of Lisa Gerrard

    Lisa Gerrard Music

  15. Photo of Christopher Gordon

    Christopher Gordon Music

  16. Photo of Brett Popplewell

    Brett Popplewell Producer