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  1. Photo of Edmund Goulding

    Edmund Goulding Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eddie Dowling

    Eddie Dowling Screenplay

  3. Photo of Cyrus Wood

    Cyrus Wood Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Arnold

    John Arnold Cinematography

  5. Photo of Constance Bennett

    Constance Bennett Cast

  6. Photo of Joan Crawford

    Joan Crawford Cast

  7. Photo of Sally O'Neil

    Sally O'Neil Cast

  8. Photo of William Haines

    William Haines Cast

  9. Photo of Henry Kolker

    Henry Kolker Cast

  10. Photo of Douglas Gilmore

    Douglas Gilmore Cast

  11. Photo of Ray Howard

    Ray Howard Cast

  12. Photo of Kate Price

    Kate Price Cast

  13. Photo of Aggie Herring

    Aggie Herring Cast

  14. Photo of Sam De Grasse

    Sam De Grasse Cast

  15. Photo of Lillian Elliott

    Lillian Elliott Cast

  16. Photo of Eda Mae Cooper

    Eda Mae Cooper Cast

  17. Photo of Ben Hall

    Ben Hall Cast

  18. Photo of Dixie Harkins

    Dixie Harkins Cast

  19. Photo of Tom O'Brien

    Tom O'Brien Cast

  20. Photo of Walter Tennyson

    Walter Tennyson Cast

  21. Photo of Wilhelm von Brincken

    Wilhelm von Brincken Cast

  22. Photo of Arthur Johns

    Arthur Johns Editing

  23. Photo of Harold Young

    Harold Young Editing

  24. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  25. Photo of Merrill Pye

    Merrill Pye Production Design

  26. Photo of Erté

    Erté Production Design and Costume Design