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  1. Photo of Norman Ferguson

    Norman Ferguson Director

  2. Photo of Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Director

  3. Photo of Jack Kinney

    Jack Kinney Director

  4. Photo of Hamilton Luske

    Hamilton Luske Director

  5. Photo of Wilfred Jackson

    Wilfred Jackson Director

  6. Photo of Homer Brightman

    Homer Brightman Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ralph Wright

    Ralph Wright Screenplay

  8. Photo of Roy Williams

    Roy Williams Screenplay

  9. Photo of Harry Reeves

    Harry Reeves Screenplay

  10. Photo of Dick Huemer

    Dick Huemer Screenplay

  11. Photo of Joe Grant

    Joe Grant Screenplay

  12. Photo of Fred Shields

    Fred Shields Cast

  13. Photo of José Oliveira

    José Oliveira Cast

  14. Photo of Walt Disney

    Walt Disney Cinematography and Producer

  15. Photo of Lee Blair

    Lee Blair Cinematography

  16. Photo of Larry Lansburgh

    Larry Lansburgh Cinematography

  17. Photo of Edward H. Plumb

    Edward H. Plumb Music

  18. Photo of Paul J. Smith

    Paul J. Smith Music

  19. Photo of Paul Allen

    Paul Allen Animation

  20. Photo of Les Clark

    Les Clark Animation

  21. Photo of Andy Engman

    Andy Engman Animation

  22. Photo of Hugh Fraser

    Hugh Fraser Animation

  23. Photo of Bill Justice

    Bill Justice Animation

  24. Photo of Milt Kahl

    Milt Kahl Animation

  25. Photo of Ward Kimball

    Ward Kimball Animation

  26. Photo of Dan MacManus

    Dan MacManus Animation

  27. Photo of John McManus

    John McManus Animation

  28. Photo of Joshua Meador

    Joshua Meador Animation

  29. Photo of Fred Moore

    Fred Moore Animation

  30. Photo of Milt Neil

    Milt Neil Animation

  31. Photo of Wolfgang Rietherman

    Wolfgang Rietherman Animation

  32. Photo of John Sibley

    John Sibley Animation

  33. Photo of Vladimir Tytla

    Vladimir Tytla Animation

  34. Photo of Paul Murry

    Paul Murry Animation