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  1. Photo of David Butler

    David Butler Director and Cast

  2. Photo of John Ford

    John Ford Director and Producer

  3. Photo of Tristram Tupper

    Tristram Tupper Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Stone

    John Stone Screenplay

  5. Photo of James Kevin McGuinness

    James Kevin McGuinness Screenplay

  6. Photo of George O'Brien

    George O'Brien Cast

  7. Photo of Helen Chandler

    Helen Chandler Cast

  8. Photo of William Janney

    William Janney Cast

  9. Photo of Stepin Fetchit

    Stepin Fetchit Cast

  10. Photo of Frank Albertson

    Frank Albertson Cast

  11. Photo of Joyce Compton

    Joyce Compton Cast

  12. Photo of Lumsden Hare

    Lumsden Hare Cast

  13. Photo of Clifford Dempsey

    Clifford Dempsey Cast

  14. Photo of Ward Bond

    Ward Bond Cast

  15. Photo of Rex Bell

    Rex Bell Cast

  16. Photo of John Breeden

    John Breeden Cast

  17. Photo of Ben Hall

    Ben Hall Cast

  18. Photo of John Wayne

    John Wayne Cast

  19. Photo of Joseph H. August

    Joseph H. August Cinematography

  20. Photo of William S. Darling

    William S. Darling Production Design

  21. Photo of Alex Troffey

    Alex Troffey Editing

  22. Photo of W.W. Lindsay Jr.

    W.W. Lindsay Jr. Sound

  23. Photo of Sophie Wachner

    Sophie Wachner Costume Design