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  1. Photo of Romolo Guerrieri

    Romolo Guerrieri Director

  2. Photo of Giuseppe Berto

    Giuseppe Berto Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luigi Rovere

    Luigi Rovere Producer and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Carlo Rustichelli

    Carlo Rustichelli Music

  5. Photo of Aldo Giordani

    Aldo Giordani Cinematography

  6. Photo of Antonio Siciliano

    Antonio Siciliano Editing

  7. Photo of Massimo Ranieri

    Massimo Ranieri Cast

  8. Photo of Enrico Maria Salerno

    Enrico Maria Salerno Cast

  9. Photo of Massimo Serato

    Massimo Serato Cast

  10. Photo of Isa Danieli

    Isa Danieli Cast

  11. Photo of Ivan Rassimov

    Ivan Rassimov Cast

  12. Photo of Giustino Durano

    Giustino Durano Cast

  13. Photo of Lina Polito

    Lina Polito Cast

  14. Photo of Lucretia Love

    Lucretia Love Cast

  15. Photo of Paolo Turco

    Paolo Turco Cast