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  1. Photo of Idrissa Ouedraogo

    Idrissa Ouedraogo Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Santiago Amigorena

    Santiago Amigorena Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacques Arhex

    Jacques Arhex Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bakary Sangaré

    Bakary Sangaré Cast

  5. Photo of Mariam Kaba

    Mariam Kaba Cast

  6. Photo of Abdoulaye Komboudri

    Abdoulaye Komboudri Cast

  7. Photo of Irène Tassembedo

    Irène Tassembedo Cast

  8. Photo of Moumouni Campaoré

    Moumouni Campaoré Cast

  9. Photo of Sibidou Ouédraogo

    Sibidou Ouédraogo Cast

  10. Photo of Krin Casimir Traoré

    Krin Casimir Traoré Cast

  11. Photo of Firmine Coulebaly

    Firmine Coulebaly Cast

  12. Photo of Hippolyte Wangrawa

    Hippolyte Wangrawa Cast

  13. Photo of Mady Dermé

    Mady Dermé Cast

  14. Photo of Joseph Traoré

    Joseph Traoré Cast

  15. Photo of Noufou Ouédraogo

    Noufou Ouédraogo Cast

  16. Photo of Yousouf Traoré

    Yousouf Traoré Cast

  17. Photo of Daouda Sanogo

    Daouda Sanogo Cast

  18. Photo of Fà Traoré

    Fà Traoré Cast

  19. Photo of Oumar Traoré

    Oumar Traoré Cast

  20. Photo of Tana Silla

    Tana Silla Cast

  21. Photo of Noël Paré

    Noël Paré Cast

  22. Photo of Mathias Ky

    Mathias Ky Cast

  23. Photo of Jacque Khalifa Sanou

    Jacque Khalifa Sanou Cast

  24. Photo of Adama Traoré

    Adama Traoré Cast

  25. Photo of Pierre-Laurent Chénieux

    Pierre-Laurent Chénieux Cinematography

  26. Photo of Mathieu Vadepied

    Mathieu Vadepied Cinematography

  27. Photo of Faton Cahen

    Faton Cahen Music

  28. Photo of Wasis Diop

    Wasis Diop Music

  29. Photo of Yves Brover-Rabinovici

    Yves Brover-Rabinovici Production Design

  30. Photo of Sophie Salbot

    Sophie Salbot Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Silvia Voser

    Silvia Voser Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Joëlle Dufour

    Joëlle Dufour Editing