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  1. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Sambizanga

    The light texture of the picture is filled with emotion. The voices in that death scene haunt and comfort. A powerful all timer

  2. Nachtreich's rating of the film Sambizanga

    ā˜† e mezzo. Ed ecco da dove viene Richard Mosse.

  3. claire13a's rating of the film Sambizanga

    Beautiful film that integrates normal mundane life with a fight for freedom and independence in Angola. Truly loved watching this film.

  4. Yuki Aditya's rating of the film Sambizanga

    Watch it here ā€“

  5. Zeppo's rating of the film Sambizanga

  6. Franciaa GoogleMe's rating of the film Sambizanga

    hi im a film production student and i just recently cam across this film as i was reading a film history book, i've never watched it but i'd love to just because i'm from Angola but because i was truly inspired and Motivated by Sarah.M- can anyone tell me where i can find it??

  7. apexa's rating of the film Sambizanga

    The film beautifully communicated injustice as well as the resilience of the colonized that is further strengthened by the fact that Maldoror sheds her view as a woman. The fact that the film gives equal focus on the wife of the political prisoner as well as mixed races being given preference highlight two key aspects all often too forgotten in colonialism narratives that helps makes the film complex and profound.

  8. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Sambizanga

    I thank Yuki for the opportunity to see this most important episode in the annals of political action, and the history of world film. Sarah Maldoror completed a great breakthrough in cinema by exposing a single, non-political woman and mother, caught in the oppressive tumult within the early days of Angola's war for independence. Not merely a worthy and unique subject, but a great directorial creation.

  9. The Africa Film Project's rating of the film Sambizanga

    This film alongside other Maldoror's works was shown in London in Febuary. So annoyed that I missed it!!! If anyone knows how I can watch her work subs/no subs pls message me!!!