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  1. Photo of Hasan Seyidbayli

    Hasan Seyidbayli Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Xayal Axundzada

    Xayal Axundzada Cast

  3. Photo of Rana Salimova

    Rana Salimova Cast

  4. Photo of Yusif Valiyev

    Yusif Valiyev Cast

  5. Photo of Zemfira Sahilova

    Zemfira Sahilova Cast

  6. Photo of Oleq Xabalov

    Oleq Xabalov Cast

  7. Photo of Mammadsadıq Nuriyev

    Mammadsadıq Nuriyev Cast

  8. Photo of Kamil Qubusov

    Kamil Qubusov Cast

  9. Photo of Hasanaga Turabov

    Hasanaga Turabov Cast

  10. Photo of Ağarza Quliyev

    Ağarza Quliyev Cast

  11. Photo of Fazil Salayev

    Fazil Salayev Cast

  12. Photo of Sadıq Hüseynov

    Sadıq Hüseynov Cast

  13. Photo of Mirza Babayev

    Mirza Babayev Cast

  14. Photo of Eldar Aliyev

    Eldar Aliyev Cast

  15. Photo of Amaliya Pənahova

    Amaliya Pənahova Cast

  16. Photo of M. Vasilixin

    M. Vasilixin Cast

  17. Photo of H. Aliyev

    H. Aliyev Cast

  18. Photo of Maryam Seyidbayli

    Maryam Seyidbayli Cast

  19. Photo of Amina Yusifqızı

    Amina Yusifqızı Cast

  20. Photo of Ş. Bağırova

    Ş. Bağırova Cast

  21. Photo of Süsan Macidova

    Süsan Macidova Cast

  22. Photo of Sona Hacıyeva

    Sona Hacıyeva Cast

  23. Photo of Mammad Sadıqov

    Mammad Sadıqov Cast

  24. Photo of Rasim Ocaqov

    Rasim Ocaqov Cinematography

  25. Photo of Tofiq Quliyev

    Tofiq Quliyev Music

  26. Photo of Kamil Nacafzada

    Kamil Nacafzada Production Design

  27. Photo of Aziz Şeyxov

    Aziz Şeyxov Sound