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  1. Photo of Rico Cheung

    Rico Cheung Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lin Xiao-Long

    Lin Xiao-Long Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tsui Hark

    Tsui Hark Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Ask Lee

    Ask Lee Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rico Chung

    Rico Chung Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sang Wei-Lin

    Sang Wei-Lin Cast

  7. Photo of Zhao Zi-Long

    Zhao Zi-Long Cast

  8. Photo of Zhang Hong-Jun

    Zhang Hong-Jun Cast

  9. Photo of Ni Jing-Yang

    Ni Jing-Yang Cast

  10. Photo of Li Tie

    Li Tie Cast

  11. Photo of Teng Jun

    Teng Jun Cast

  12. Photo of Sunny Tsang Tat Sze

    Sunny Tsang Tat Sze Cinematography

  13. Photo of Herman Yau

    Herman Yau Cinematography

  14. Photo of Tommy Wai Kai-Leung

    Tommy Wai Kai-Leung Music

  15. Photo of Oliver Wong

    Oliver Wong Production Design

  16. Photo of Le Qun Song

    Le Qun Song Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Nansun Shi

    Nansun Shi Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Satoru Iseki

    Satoru Iseki Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Angie Lam

    Angie Lam Editing

  20. Photo of Marco Mak

    Marco Mak Editing and Director

  21. Photo of Liu Shun-Xiang

    Liu Shun-Xiang Editing