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  1. Photo of Steve Reeves

    Steve Reeves Cast

  2. Photo of Leo Anchóriz

    Leo Anchóriz Cast

  3. Photo of Geneviève Grad

    Geneviève Grad Cast

  4. Photo of Pietro Capanna

    Pietro Capanna Cast

  5. Photo of Andrea Bosic

    Andrea Bosic Cast

  6. Photo of Giovanni Cianfriglia

    Giovanni Cianfriglia Cast

  7. Photo of Rik Battaglia

    Rik Battaglia Cast

  8. Photo of Nazzareno Zamperla

    Nazzareno Zamperla Cast

  9. Photo of Mario Valdemarin

    Mario Valdemarin Cast

  10. Photo of Gino Marturano

    Gino Marturano Cast

  11. Photo of Anand Kumar

    Anand Kumar Cast

  12. Photo of Maurice Poli

    Maurice Poli Cast

  13. Photo of Antonio Molino Rojo

    Antonio Molino Rojo Cast

  14. Photo of Wilbert Bradley

    Wilbert Bradley Cast

  15. Photo of Enzo Fiermonte

    Enzo Fiermonte Cast

  16. Photo of Victor Andrés Catena

    Victor Andrés Catena Screenplay

  17. Photo of Fulvio Gicca Palli

    Fulvio Gicca Palli Screenplay

  18. Photo of Umberto Lenzi

    Umberto Lenzi Screenplay and Director

  19. Photo of Thomas Sagone

    Thomas Sagone Producer

  20. Photo of Giovanni Fusco

    Giovanni Fusco Music

  21. Photo of Aurelio G. Larraya

    Aurelio G. Larraya Cinematography

  22. Photo of Angelo Lotti

    Angelo Lotti Cinematography

  23. Photo of Giovanni Scarpellini

    Giovanni Scarpellini Cinematography

  24. Photo of Jolanda Benvenuti

    Jolanda Benvenuti Editing

  25. Photo of Antonietta Zita

    Antonietta Zita Editing

  26. Photo of Arrigo Equini

    Arrigo Equini Production Design