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  1. Photo of Henrik Georgson

    Henrik Georgson Director

  2. Photo of Sara Kadefors

    Sara Kadefors Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrej Lunusjkin

    Andrej Lunusjkin Cast

  4. Photo of André Lidholm

    André Lidholm Cast

  5. Photo of Adam Lundgren

    Adam Lundgren Cast

  6. Photo of Aliette Opheim

    Aliette Opheim Cast

  7. Photo of Matilda Ragnerstam

    Matilda Ragnerstam Cast

  8. Photo of Camilla Fernandez

    Camilla Fernandez Cast

  9. Photo of Platte Hald

    Platte Hald Cast

  10. Photo of Svetlana Rodina

    Svetlana Rodina Cast

  11. Photo of Lia Boysen

    Lia Boysen Cast

  12. Photo of Rebecca Scheja

    Rebecca Scheja Cast

  13. Photo of Oscar Rydelius

    Oscar Rydelius Cast

  14. Photo of Anne Lundin

    Anne Lundin Cast

  15. Photo of Rickard Roxvall

    Rickard Roxvall Cast

  16. Photo of Sara Zancotti

    Sara Zancotti Cast

  17. Photo of Anna Rothlin

    Anna Rothlin Cast

  18. Photo of Filip Benko

    Filip Benko Cast

  19. Photo of Georgi Staykov

    Georgi Staykov Cast

  20. Photo of Nicolas Gomez

    Nicolas Gomez Cast

  21. Photo of Sebstian Erdös

    Sebstian Erdös Cast

  22. Photo of Lovisa Onnermark

    Lovisa Onnermark Cast

  23. Photo of Daniel Larsson

    Daniel Larsson Cast

  24. Photo of Helén Söderqvist Henriksson

    Helén Söderqvist Henriksson Cast

  25. Photo of Lucas Jerkander

    Lucas Jerkander Cast

  26. Photo of Janna Yngve

    Janna Yngve Cast

  27. Photo of Jens Silverstedt

    Jens Silverstedt Cast

  28. Photo of Bernard Matracki

    Bernard Matracki Cast

  29. Photo of Karl Fredrik Ulfung

    Karl Fredrik Ulfung Producer

  30. Photo of Stefan Sundlöf

    Stefan Sundlöf Editing

  31. Photo of Anders Bohman

    Anders Bohman Cinematography