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  1. Photo of Allan Dwan

    Allan Dwan Director

  2. Photo of Harry Brown

    Harry Brown Screenplay

  3. Photo of James Edward Grant

    James Edward Grant Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Wayne

    John Wayne Cast

  5. Photo of John Agar

    John Agar Cast

  6. Photo of Adele Mara

    Adele Mara Cast

  7. Photo of Forrest Tucker

    Forrest Tucker Cast

  8. Photo of Wally Cassell

    Wally Cassell Cast

  9. Photo of James Brown

    James Brown Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Webb

    Richard Webb Cast

  11. Photo of Arthur Franz

    Arthur Franz Cast

  12. Photo of Julie Bishop

    Julie Bishop Cast

  13. Photo of James Holden

    James Holden Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Coe

    Peter Coe Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Jaeckel

    Richard Jaeckel Cast

  16. Photo of William Murphy

    William Murphy Cast

  17. Photo of George Tyne

    George Tyne Cast

  18. Photo of Hal Baylor

    Hal Baylor Cast

  19. Photo of John McGuire

    John McGuire Cast

  20. Photo of Martin Milner

    Martin Milner Cast

  21. Photo of Leonard Gumley

    Leonard Gumley Cast

  22. Photo of William Self

    William Self Cast

  23. Photo of Reggie Lanning

    Reggie Lanning Cinematography

  24. Photo of Victor Young

    Victor Young Music

  25. Photo of James W. Sullivan

    James W. Sullivan Production Design

  26. Photo of Edmund Grainger

    Edmund Grainger Producer

  27. Photo of Richard L. Van Enger

    Richard L. Van Enger Editing