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  1. Photo of Anna da Palma

    Anna da Palma Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Aurélien Wiik

    Aurélien Wiik Cast

  3. Photo of Bérénice Bejo

    Bérénice Bejo Cast

  4. Photo of Vítor Norte

    Vítor Norte Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Emília Correia

    Maria Emília Correia Cast

  6. Photo of Jocelyn Quivrin

    Jocelyn Quivrin Cast

  7. Photo of Héléna Noguerra

    Héléna Noguerra Cast

  8. Photo of Isabel Florido

    Isabel Florido Cast

  9. Photo of Isabel de Castro

    Isabel de Castro Cast

  10. Photo of Myriam Nafredo dos Reis

    Myriam Nafredo dos Reis Cast

  11. Photo of Luis Inacio

    Luis Inacio Cast

  12. Photo of David Personne

    David Personne Cast

  13. Photo of Alfredo Sobreira

    Alfredo Sobreira Cast

  14. Photo of Hubert Gillet

    Hubert Gillet Cast

  15. Photo of Mohamed Toufiq

    Mohamed Toufiq Cast

  16. Photo of Rita Pereira

    Rita Pereira Cast

  17. Photo of Cécile Cassel

    Cécile Cassel Cast

  18. Photo of Manuel Wiborg

    Manuel Wiborg Cast

  19. Photo of Tony Costa

    Tony Costa Cinematography

  20. Photo of François Gondouin

    François Gondouin Music

  21. Photo of Davi Bartex

    Davi Bartex Production Design

  22. Photo of François d'Artemare

    François d'Artemare Producer

  23. Photo of Maria João Mayer

    Maria João Mayer Producer

  24. Photo of Monique Dartonne

    Monique Dartonne Editing and Sound

  25. Photo of Yves Lévêque

    Yves Lévêque Sound