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  1. Photo of Joselito Rodríguez

    Joselito Rodríguez Director

  2. Photo of Fernando Osés

    Fernando Osés Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Joaquín Cordero

    Joaquín Cordero Cast

  4. Photo of Norma Suárez

    Norma Suárez Cast

  5. Photo of Enrique Zambrano

    Enrique Zambrano Cast and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Alberto Inzúa

    Alberto Inzúa Cast

  7. Photo of Juanito Tremble

    Juanito Tremble Cast

  8. Photo of Enrique Almirante

    Enrique Almirante Cast

  9. Photo of René Socarrás

    René Socarrás Cast

  10. Photo of Mario Texas

    Mario Texas Cast

  11. Photo of J. Gonzalez Gaspar

    J. Gonzalez Gaspar Cast

  12. Photo of Rafael De Aragón

    Rafael De Aragón Cast

  13. Photo of Armando Quezada

    Armando Quezada Cast

  14. Photo of Santo

    Santo Cast

  15. Photo of Carlos Nájera

    Carlos Nájera Cinematography

  16. Photo of Salvador Espinosa

    Salvador Espinosa Music

  17. Photo of Jesús Echeverria

    Jesús Echeverria Editing

  18. Photo of Modesto Corvison

    Modesto Corvison Sound