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  1. Photo of Roy Ward Baker

    Roy Ward Baker Director

  2. Photo of Tom Clegg

    Tom Clegg Director

  3. Photo of Laurence Moody

    Laurence Moody Director

  4. Photo of Herbert Wise

    Herbert Wise Director

  5. Photo of David Tucker

    David Tucker Director

  6. Photo of James Ormerod

    James Ormerod Director

  7. Photo of Ian Knox

    Ian Knox Director

  8. Photo of Antonia Bird

    Antonia Bird Director

  9. Photo of Roger Tucker

    Roger Tucker Director

  10. Photo of Peter Hammond

    Peter Hammond Director

  11. Photo of Willi Patterson

    Willi Patterson Director

  12. Photo of Ted Childs

    Ted Childs Screenplay and Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Chris Kelly

    Chris Kelly Screenplay

  14. Photo of John Brown

    John Brown Screenplay

  15. Photo of John Fletcher

    John Fletcher Screenplay

  16. Photo of John Foster

    John Foster Screenplay

  17. Photo of Robert Hammond

    Robert Hammond Screenplay

  18. Photo of Michael Russell

    Michael Russell Screenplay

  19. Photo of Mick Mahoney

    Mick Mahoney Screenplay

  20. Photo of Tony McHale

    Tony McHale Screenplay

  21. Photo of Christian Burgess

    Christian Burgess Cast

  22. Photo of Patrick James Clarke

    Patrick James Clarke Cast

  23. Photo of Michael Byrne

    Michael Byrne Cast

  24. Photo of John Bennett

    John Bennett Cast

  25. Photo of Ingrid Lacey

    Ingrid Lacey Cast

  26. Photo of Dusty Miller

    Dusty Miller Cinematography

  27. Photo of Barrington Pheloung

    Barrington Pheloung Music

  28. Photo of Brian Freemantle

    Brian Freemantle Editing