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  1. Photo of Med Hondo

    Med Hondo Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Abdoulaye Mamani

    Abdoulaye Mamani Screenplay

  3. Photo of Abdoul War

    Abdoul War Screenplay

  4. Photo of Aï Keïta

    Aï Keïta Cast

  5. Photo of Jean-Roger Milo

    Jean-Roger Milo Cast

  6. Photo of Féodor Atkine

    Féodor Atkine Cast

  7. Photo of Didier Sauvegrain

    Didier Sauvegrain Cast

  8. Photo of Roger Miremont

    Roger Miremont Cast

  9. Photo of Luc-Antoine Diquéro

    Luc-Antoine Diquéro Cast

  10. Photo of Jean-Pierre Castaldi

    Jean-Pierre Castaldi Cast

  11. Photo of Wladimir Ivanovsky

    Wladimir Ivanovsky Cast

  12. Photo of Tidjani Ouedraogo

    Tidjani Ouedraogo Cast

  13. Photo of Jacques Penot

    Jacques Penot Cast

  14. Photo of Didier Agostini

    Didier Agostini Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Edmond

    Jean Edmond Cast

  16. Photo of Philippe Bellay

    Philippe Bellay Cast

  17. Photo of Tagara Yagoura Traore

    Tagara Yagoura Traore Cast

  18. Photo of Aboulaye Cissé

    Aboulaye Cissé Cast

  19. Photo of Jean-François Ouedraogo

    Jean-François Ouedraogo Cast

  20. Photo of Florence Bewende

    Florence Bewende Cast

  21. Photo of Guy Famechon

    Guy Famechon Cinematography

  22. Photo of Pierre Akendengue

    Pierre Akendengue Music

  23. Photo of Abdoulaye Cissé

    Abdoulaye Cissé Music

  24. Photo of Issouf Compaore

    Issouf Compaore Music

  25. Photo of Jacques d'Ovidio

    Jacques d'Ovidio Production Design

  26. Photo of Marie-Thérèse Boiché

    Marie-Thérèse Boiché Editing

  27. Photo of Antoine Bonfanti

    Antoine Bonfanti Sound