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  1. Photo of Carlo Rola

    Carlo Rola Director

  2. Photo of Holger Karsten Schmidt

    Holger Karsten Schmidt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Uwe Wilhelm

    Uwe Wilhelm Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ben Becker

    Ben Becker Cast

  5. Photo of Jürgen Vogel

    Jürgen Vogel Cast

  6. Photo of Henry Hübchen

    Henry Hübchen Cast

  7. Photo of Frank Sieckel

    Frank Sieckel Cast

  8. Photo of Karin Baal

    Karin Baal Cast

  9. Photo of Otto Sander

    Otto Sander Cast

  10. Photo of Traugott Buhre

    Traugott Buhre Cast

  11. Photo of Jeanette Hain

    Jeanette Hain Cast

  12. Photo of Miguel Herz-Kestranek

    Miguel Herz-Kestranek Cast

  13. Photo of Lutz Mackensy

    Lutz Mackensy Cast

  14. Photo of Martin Feifel

    Martin Feifel Cast

  15. Photo of Detlef Bothe

    Detlef Bothe Cast

  16. Photo of Lars Rudolph

    Lars Rudolph Cast

  17. Photo of Julia Richter

    Julia Richter Cast

  18. Photo of Jockel Tschiersch

    Jockel Tschiersch Cast

  19. Photo of Sophie Rosentreter

    Sophie Rosentreter Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Roggisch

    Peter Roggisch Cast

  21. Photo of Andreja Schneider

    Andreja Schneider Cast

  22. Photo of Sylvie Bertin

    Sylvie Bertin Cast

  23. Photo of Robert Kreis

    Robert Kreis Cast

  24. Photo of Thomas Bestvater

    Thomas Bestvater Cast

  25. Photo of Rüdiger Vogler

    Rüdiger Vogler Cast

  26. Photo of Oliver Nägele

    Oliver Nägele Cast

  27. Photo of Zacharias Preen

    Zacharias Preen Cast

  28. Photo of Dieter Okras

    Dieter Okras Cast

  29. Photo of Gerhard Rosskamp

    Gerhard Rosskamp Cast

  30. Photo of Thomas Darchinger

    Thomas Darchinger Cast

  31. Photo of Arved Birnbaum

    Arved Birnbaum Cast

  32. Photo of Stefan Weinert

    Stefan Weinert Cast

  33. Photo of Werner Wilkening

    Werner Wilkening Cast

  34. Photo of Joachim Paul Assböck

    Joachim Paul Assböck Cast

  35. Photo of Martin Langer

    Martin Langer Cinematography

  36. Photo of Georg Kleinebreil

    Georg Kleinebreil Music

  37. Photo of Bettina Schmidt

    Bettina Schmidt Production Design

  38. Photo of Oliver Berben

    Oliver Berben Producer

  39. Photo of Andreas Richter

    Andreas Richter Producer

  40. Photo of Bernd Eichinger

    Bernd Eichinger Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Martin Moszkowicz

    Martin Moszkowicz Executive Producer

  42. Photo of Friederike von Normann

    Friederike von Normann Editing

  43. Photo of Andreas Walther

    Andreas Walther Sound