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  1. Photo of F.W. Murnau

    F.W. Murnau Director

  2. Photo of Conrad Veidt

    Conrad Veidt Cast

  3. Photo of Fritz Kortner

    Fritz Kortner Cast

  4. Photo of Sadjah Gezza

    Sadjah Gezza Cast

  5. Photo of Ernst Hofmann

    Ernst Hofmann Cast

  6. Photo of Margit Barnay

    Margit Barnay Cast

  7. Photo of Else Berna

    Else Berna Cast

  8. Photo of Kurt Ehrle

    Kurt Ehrle Cast

  9. Photo of Jaro Fürth

    Jaro Fürth Cast

  10. Photo of Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur

    Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur Cast

  11. Photo of Martin Wolfgang

    Martin Wolfgang Cast

  12. Photo of Marija Leiko

    Marija Leiko Cast

  13. Photo of Elsa Wagner

    Elsa Wagner Cast

  14. Photo of Max Kronert

    Max Kronert Cast

  15. Photo of Karl Freund

    Karl Freund Cinematography

  16. Photo of Robert Wiene

    Robert Wiene Costume Design, Screenplay Producer

  17. Photo of Ernst Stern

    Ernst Stern Art Department