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  1. evanfrq's rating of the film Sátántangó

    Took me 9 late nights of my spare week, but yes, after watched this magnum opus and earworming accordion music, I started wonder what defines a film categorically belongs as a cinema.

  2. PlotnykLRTN's rating of the film Sátántangó

    Казалось, бесконечный фильм, который я искренне желаю, никогда не заканчивался. Это захватывающе.

  3. Jean Guizado's rating of the film Sátántangó

  4. MisterColo93's rating of the film Sátántangó

    4.8/5 Opera assoluta di Tarr che si dimostra ulteriormente uno dei più grandi registi di tutti i tempi. 7 ore e mezza per cambiare il cinema, la vita, il mondo. La rivoluzione cosmica e la fine della speranza presenti anche ne "il cavallo di Torino" e "le armonie di Werckmeister" conferiscono una solennità alle sue opere riscontrabile solo in Tarkovskij a mio parere.

  5. Ben Nash's rating of the film Sátántangó

    One of my fondest memories was watching this with my Dad, looking at the clock, realising that it had just gone 3am and then sitting back down and watching to the bitter end.

  6. C҉ă҉t҉ă҉l҉i҉n҉'s rating of the film Sátántangó

    Waaay too long. They could have easily cut out 5 or 6 minutes.

  7. vizija's rating of the film Sátántangó

    The strongest five ever! Every detail is remarkable, music, scenes, camera, cast's performances, the plot. All of the above is merged in a perfect unity. After watching this movie I do not expect any other to outtop it.

  8. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Sátántangó

  9. Peregrine's rating of the film Sátántangó

    I just came back from watching this in a small local cinema. This was my sunday. Devil-ischly devastating. Bela shows you the pace and once you're captivated, there is the pure black and white of our world in front of you. It is still droning inside my soul.

  10. FISCHER's rating of the film Sátántangó

    Une œuvre monumentale !

  11. vitruvian's rating of the film Sátántangó

    Ünlü yazar Susan Sontag; her planı ayrı bir kısa film niteliğinde olup sadece 12 plan sekanstan oluşan bu film için her yıl bir kere izlemek gerektiğini söylemiştir. Avrupa'nın derin edebiyat kültürel yapısının sinemaya aks edişi. Gerçek sinema şöleni. Filmin başındaki diyalogsuz bölümler filmi izlenmez hale getirmek için değil, yudum yudum zihnimizi en derine götürebilmek için Bela Tarr tarafından bilerek yapılıyor.

  12. Freddie's rating of the film Sátántangó

  13. Benjamin Bland's rating of the film Sátántangó

    Still think Werckmeister Harmonies is the better film, if only for the remarkable way it seems to condense all that is wonderful about this (and Tarr's filmmaking) into two hours. This really is one of the most significant cinematic achievements of all time though and I think is overdue a Criterion-led restoration. Would love to see it in the cinema one day. Can but hope.

  14. maksym hruszczenko's rating of the film Sátántangó

    Сатанинське танго - це переважно в'язкі довгі плани, в які ти вгрузаєш немов в те болото, що невпинно місять ногами персонажі фільму. Це одна із сторін реальності, не приправленої жодними підсолоджувачами, чистої реальності; це достоту меланхолічне полотно, кожен кадр якого змушує глядача рефлексувати, і саме ця рефлексія в кінці кінців може привести його (глядача) до чогось дійсно живого та справжнього.

  15. ermete polpette's rating of the film Sátántangó

    un po' mi infastidisce dare un voto così alto perchè va un po' contro il metro usato per gli altri voti, ma sono eccessivamente obbligato data l'opera in questione

  16. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Sátántangó

    One of the monuments of cinema, and one of the works which makes you question what cinema is. Almost impressive as Tarr himself, is the wonderful camerawork; floating and tracking and making his works look visually exquisite. Third time I have seen this, and after 'losing interest' in narrative cinema, this has resparked my interest in more than experimental cinema. Unstitched and final part <3, Fog, rain, mud, wind

  17. fred boswell's rating of the film Sátántangó

    My Top 3 all time favorite film- this magnum opus is sheer extraordinary!!!

  18. Balthaz21's rating of the film Sátántangó

  19. Kseven's rating of the film Sátántangó

  20. Thomas J. McEvoy's rating of the film Sátántangó

  21. DIMITAR KUTMANOV's rating of the film Sátántangó

    Finally had the chance to watch the film in the theater from a 35mm print and it was well worth it. The artistic quality of Tarr's work is indisputable, this is quite simply a masterpiece that will inspire generations of filmmakers. Interestingly I found it much easier to cope with the film length and pace in the cinema rather than when I watched it at home on a DVD.

  22. Kamran's rating of the film Sátántangó

    99/100 - Masterful ( Tarr’s poetic vision, a realism so uncanny, so surreal, so alive, is realized in each and every frame of the film, only minorly slighted by Tarr’s undeniable social-satirical agenda. This affectation of his work, which is exceedingly present in his early films, is nearly overcome in Sátántangó, a film which seems...

  23. Chris_Parker's rating of the film Sátántangó

    Believe the hype, this truly is an extraordinary film. I'm not the biggest fan of Werckmeister Harmonies or the Turin Horse but only a fool would deny the artistry of this ambitious masterpiece.

  24. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Sátántangó

    I liked this movie ,but I have lost cinematic integrity with watching whole film in portions. It was too hard for me to focusing details ... anyway ,beautiful movie .

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