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  1. Photo of Ugo Giorgetti

    Ugo Giorgetti Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Otávio Augusto

    Otávio Augusto Cast

  3. Photo of Maria Padilha

    Maria Padilha Cast

  4. Photo of Tom Zé

    Tom Zé Cast

  5. Photo of Giulia Gam

    Giulia Gam Cast

  6. Photo of André Abujamra

    André Abujamra Cast

  7. Photo of Jô Soares

    Jô Soares Cast

  8. Photo of Luiz Amorim

    Luiz Amorim Cast

  9. Photo of Elias Andreato

    Elias Andreato Cast

  10. Photo of Graça Berman

    Graça Berman Cast

  11. Photo of Júlio Calasso

    Júlio Calasso Cast

  12. Photo of A.S. Cecílio Neto

    A.S. Cecílio Neto Cast

  13. Photo of Renato Consorte

    Renato Consorte Cast

  14. Photo of Carina Cooper

    Carina Cooper Cast

  15. Photo of Dadá Cyrino

    Dadá Cyrino Cast

  16. Photo of Wandi Doratiotto

    Wandi Doratiotto Cast

  17. Photo of Luiza Helena

    Luiza Helena Cast

  18. Photo of Ana Iwanow

    Ana Iwanow Cast

  19. Photo of Mariana Lima

    Mariana Lima Cast

  20. Photo of Cláudio Mamberti

    Cláudio Mamberti Cast

  21. Photo of Márcia Manfredini

    Márcia Manfredini Cast

  22. Photo of Marcelo Mansfield

    Marcelo Mansfield Cast

  23. Photo of Edinho Moreno

    Edinho Moreno Cast

  24. Photo of Wellington Nogueira

    Wellington Nogueira Cast

  25. Photo of Massayuki Onishi

    Massayuki Onishi Cast

  26. Photo of Décio Pignatari

    Décio Pignatari Cast

  27. Photo of Gianni Ratto

    Gianni Ratto Cast

  28. Photo of Rubens Rivelino

    Rubens Rivelino Cast

  29. Photo of Sérgio Viotti

    Sérgio Viotti Cast

  30. Photo of Wellington

    Wellington Cast

  31. Photo of Rodolfo Sánchez

    Rodolfo Sánchez Cinematography

  32. Photo of Mauro Giorgetti

    Mauro Giorgetti Music

  33. Photo of Maria Isabel Giorgetti

    Maria Isabel Giorgetti Production Design

  34. Photo of Paulo Pelico

    Paulo Pelico Producer

  35. Photo of Marçal Souza

    Marçal Souza Producer

  36. Photo of Elifas Sueiro

    Elifas Sueiro Producer

  37. Photo of Carlos Alberto Watanabe

    Carlos Alberto Watanabe Executive Producer

  38. Photo of Marc De Rossi

    Marc De Rossi Editing

  39. Photo of Miriam Biderman

    Miriam Biderman Sound

  40. Photo of Miguel Ângelo

    Miguel Ângelo Sound

  41. Photo of Sandra Fukelman

    Sandra Fukelman Costume Design