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  1. Photo of Roy Andersson

    Roy Andersson Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Petter Davidson

    Petter Davidson Cinematography

  3. Photo of Bertil Rosengren

    Bertil Rosengren Cinematography

  4. Photo of Stefan Böhm

    Stefan Böhm Cast

  5. Photo of Curt Ericson

    Curt Ericson Cast

  6. Photo of Eric Hansson

    Eric Hansson Cast

  7. Photo of Bernt Hedberg

    Bernt Hedberg Cast

  8. Photo of Lars Karlsteen

    Lars Karlsteen Cast

  9. Photo of Ingeborg Kähr

    Ingeborg Kähr Cast

  10. Photo of Rose Lagercrantz

    Rose Lagercrantz Cast

  11. Photo of Gunnar Ossiander

    Gunnar Ossiander Cast

  12. Photo of Sol Britt Pilotti

    Sol Britt Pilotti Cast

  13. Photo of Margot Tännerus

    Margot Tännerus Cast